Mailbutler Pro on sale — lifetime subscription

(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #1

MailButler is a great email utility and now the professional subscription is on sale:

Usually it’s about $8 per month but now there’s a lifetime subscription for about $35.

You can create email templates with Mailbutler (save a lot of time).

(Lisa Sandler) #2

I’m confused… how does this work with Rapidweaver?

(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #3

It doesn’t directly work with RW. But it can be integrated with your workflow because you can create email templates etc…which can be used in email/form stacks where the user and / or the admin receives emails through interactive forms.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #4

Want to integrate email creation and RapidWeaver?? Stay tuned!!!

(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #5

YEA! Can’t wait to see what Joe’s been cooking up!

(Rob D) #6

I’m all ears, @zeebe! I would love to create an email template occasionally, but buying a lifetime subscription (or even monthly subscription) doesn’t make sense to me…

(Basil) #7

I would be happy to buy it from you!