Mailbutler Pro on sale — lifetime subscription

MailButler is a great email utility and now the professional subscription is on sale:

Usually it’s about $8 per month but now there’s a lifetime subscription for about $35.

You can create email templates with Mailbutler (save a lot of time).

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I’m confused… how does this work with Rapidweaver?

It doesn’t directly work with RW. But it can be integrated with your workflow because you can create email templates etc…which can be used in email/form stacks where the user and / or the admin receives emails through interactive forms.

Want to integrate email creation and RapidWeaver?? Stay tuned!!!


YEA! Can’t wait to see what Joe’s been cooking up!

I’m all ears, @zeebe! I would love to create an email template occasionally, but buying a lifetime subscription (or even monthly subscription) doesn’t make sense to me…

I would be happy to buy it from you!