Making multiple galleries

Hi all,

I’m rapidly getting to grips with RW and these amazing stacks that make life so much easier. However I have a problem and haven’t been able to find an answer that I understand(!) on the forum. So here it is.

I’m a sculptor. How can I have a a “gallery” page with one image per sculpture which, when one is clicked, it opens a slider showing multiple images of that one sculpture? I’ve tried Gallery 3 and ProGallery2 stacks but I’m not getting anywhere.

This is my current (old) site

If you click on an image, you have a series of images of the same piece. I want these to appear in a slider overlaying the gallery page.



Go to the bottom of this page and click on one of my albums… is this what you’re looking for?

Thanks Lisa.

Exactly the sort of thing I’m after.:smiley:

How did you do it, please?

Great! Happy to help.

So I did use Pro Gallery2 for this (with the directory of images option that pulls from a list of photos saved on my server), with Poster Stack (inStacks Software | Poster Stack - Blog and Multi-Purpose Content Stack) Poster Stack holds each of my ProGallery 2 stacks. You could also do this with something like a grid or multi column stack, but I like Poster Stack because I can just keep adding more poster items with ProGallery2 galleries and it will redraw itself based on screen sizes and my settings.

Here are my Pro Gallery settings. If you have any specific questions, feel free to reply and I can help. You can also always email @willwood at Stacks4Stacks if you get stuck. He is super helpful with his products:


Thanks so much, Lisa.

I was looking at Poster Stack this afternoon and thinking it might be the answer. Will look at it all again tomorrow, with a fresh mind. Brain is scrambled right now. Will let you know if I get it to work.

Thanks again



Hi Lisa,

This may be the set up I will need to display my PhotoBooth albums however is there a way to password protect each individual image on that page so once clicked on it would prompt for the password before allowing you to see all the other photos that sit behind the 1st photo?

I hope that makes sense to you.



That, someone else will have to help you with. I know there are apps like Sitelok… search the forum and you might find some older posts about password protecting.


Not sure if I sent that correctly…
Just an idea

Sent what? And I’m not sure why you have what looks like an extra step… why don’t you have it go directly from the first image to a slide show instead of the middle part?

Just the way that stack works…
Ultimate Warehouse Gallery

Beautiful work… the sculptures, not the pages lol.
I don’t get it. You have 3 images, then you click an image, you get 3 more on a new page (that are smaller than the original image), then you have to click again to see each close up and get the slideshow. Seems like a lot of extra pages and steps to me. But that’s just my opinion.

It was just a sample…the original page with the pics are links to more of the same sculpture.
On the second page you could have anything you want…gallery, slideshow, etc.

I still don’t understand why you don’t just link to the slideshow directly from the original page/image?

Using my photo albums as an example, there are all there on the page in a grid. Pretend the main images in each box a different sculpture. You click one, it shows you the original image, plus 3 more views of it. You close out of it, click on the next sculpture. It opens the slideshow for that image.

The way you have it, you have that middle page before the slideshow, then you have to go back to the original page to see more sculptures.

Click on the first pic again…
do you understand the term “Example!!!”

Don’t get that way here, please. I was truly confused and trying to help you. Best of luck.

so was I…I didn’t do the original request

Please guys. I didn’t mean to start a war here.

Thanks Joe for your time and input. Much appreciated. Personally I think Lisa’s solution is neater. But, again, thanks.


It was just a sample…there are better solutions I am sure…and I am always willing to help…
Sorry I got pissy…hehhe