Map2 issue is back

Does anyone has the same issue, MAP2 works fine in RW preview but once published, won’t display and gives and error (attached). I have updated my MAP2 and my API worked fine before!!!

Same here - and I’ve no idea why!

Let’s have url’s of page containing maps to take a look at please. I have a feeling I know what this is, and it’s not good. I think they have knocked the maps on the head on anything but secure https pages now.

Further. Have either of you seen the map working when published, and it just stopped working recently?
Have you just not been able to get it to work from the get go?

Hi There,

Well, you can see it when you review the site inside RW, but it is published you will not see that from the start.

Here you are the url, it is my demo I use for my client to be able to see the site.

PS: I have one personal site and one more for another client which developed earlier I still can see the map, it looks like anything is created or modified and published in the month of August has an issue.

Thank you!

Working here but I have not published for a while, probably since last fix or so.

I guess do not publish till we get news, I have few sites I did not work on them for a while and they are ok so far.
PS: by the way Nice Site!

@monica Your’s on the face of it does not look like a secure issue, it looks like an invalid api key.

There are 2 reasons ways the key can be invalid. It simply was not created with all the required api’s attached to it (normally automatic when you follow the guide on the demo page FAQ).

Or and more likely, there is an issue with the referrers you entered for this key relative to this page.
One sure fire way to test this, is go back to your api key at Google, and delete all the referrers you entered from the referrers list. This will make the key a complete wildcard, that will be valid on any page. Now give it 2 mins to filter through, and test the page again by refreshing the browser. If it now works, then the referrers were incorrect. Let me know, and let me have the list of referrers you had entered (if it works without them).

The reason it works in preview, is that it uses our api key in preview. A wildcard. It turned out to be impossible to use anything but a wildcard inside Rapidweaver, so as you guys don’t want wildcards out in the world, we used ours in there.

I’m going to test a quick publish to one of my own non secure pages, just to ensure that this hunch of mine was wrong (Ill report back in a few mins on that side of things).

WOW! so all sites should be secure!

Still working in my site but haven’t republished that page in a while.

Cheers Gary. I guess we will wait and see what happens now.


I see! so the solution is https!!

just checked on Safari Ver. 9.1.1 and the map failed!

I understand, thanks, I guess it is up to my client to go without the map or https!

Ah… Oy. … Oy… Oy… My Bad…Breath… breath… breath :slight_smile:

I only used the wrong key when testing on the non secure site. I used the doobox key… archhh…! It does work, you can see it working there now from the link above.

So Monica and anyone else seeing the issue go back to the steps of removing your referrer from your key, and re-test.

I’d highly recommend going https though. Chrome already fails to geolocate without, and everyone else will follow suit, as sure as eggs are eggs.

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will do, and keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I’ve tested fro you on safari 9.1.1 and the MAP is there :slight_smile:

Your map? or my map? If your maps now working without referrer keys I’ll do my best to provide what you should enter as referrers instead.

it was Your Map! I am still trying figure out the referrers list!

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