Map not showing when published even with API key

Just redesigned an old site and the Google map has stopped showing on published site. It displays fine in preview. Javascript console is showing the following error:


Anyone got any clues? The Map stack is Doobox Map2.

Is that our Map 2 stack?
If so your map API key is invalid at least for this page.
This is the error that gets thrown. (we should handle the error better when the api key fails, but this is the reason).

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OK thanks - why would the API be invalid? It’s one I got from Google (about 18 months ago) and it worked fine until this rebuild?

Perhaps you changed the server, the protocol, or something else that could have made any referrers you added to the api key when you created it invalid for your re-build.

PS: In the preview, the map uses our API key, and only starts using your API key when published. In case you were wondering, well how the hell does it work inside RW.


What happened is that the company name has changed and what used to be an alias domain is now the primary one. Even though the various domains are all linked, Google’s API will of course be very specific. My oversight but thanks for your input.

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