Maps stack that works with Total CMS

I want the admin of a TotalCMS page to be able to set up a google map pin and location on Google Maps (in a frame on their page) that the public facing public sees, I have the api key for google maps. There are many ‘admin’ pages for different people all editing their own page at their own location.

Any ideas?

Do all of these admin people have actual “places” with google? For instance are they stores or locations that are listed in google places? Or are you needing them to be able to drop any random geo point and have it pin on a google map?

Yes they all have actual places where they conduct their business, but they are not ’listed as Google places’. Does that make sense?

Yes it does thanks. I created something similar with total cms using the google places id info. Don’t recall the details…I’ll have to look back at that project. Anyway I’ll think a bit about your problem and see if I have anything to offer. Hopefully others will chime in as well.

Just wondering…is there a reason that your users are not creating a “place” in google and or just using google maps to generate embed code for the map? Just trying to understand the requirements.

They could indeed just create a tag in Google maps and tag it into their own page but I just wanted to offer something a bit more streamlined and foolproof!


Stand by a couple days @joeworkman is about to release a couple new stacks that may be just what you are looking for. I’ll leave it to him to elaborate.

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Very exciting…

I do have a map stack coming out. However, it will be pretty simple… no API keys required though :slight_smile:

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