Markdown Stack Text Size/Color

Where is the setting to specify the size and color of headers and text in the Markdown stack?
Is there another way of increasing these two items other than in Markdown?

As you can see, there is a setting only for the background color.

(Theme: slydog), RW 8.5.1

Size and color of text can not be set in the Markdown stack. It will use whatever are the settings for your theme. Depending on the theme you may have great control over this or none. For example, with Foundry and Foundation you can set these parameters. However, even in Foundry or Foundation you are setting these for the website, not on a “per stack” basis.

Some additional options are available via the Scribe stack (markdown stack with benefits) by BigWhiteDuck. Worth checking out in case it could help you.

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Thank you.
With RW there’s always a ‘gotcha’ for tasks that should be simple.

Color can’t be set. Size can if you are using Stacks 4. If you click on the markdown stack(open for edit) you get new settings.

With Foundation 6 you can uses swatches, and add a class to a single stack.

Stacks 4 Markdown Content:

@teefers I’ve never needed to use that feature, but quite nice that it’s there in Stacks 4 for markdown!

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I can think of all sorts of reasons why you might want to increase font size in discrete text areas of a project. To call attention to an area, for one. Accessibility is another. Buying yet another stack for a down and dirty web page is…frustrating.

Buying yet another stack

As far as I know, ‘Scribe’ stack is free (donation-ware). It is my most used stack.


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