Stack currently not installed

When i try to use the CTA, footer, Font from the stack it shows me “Stack currently not installed” how can i go about this. i use foundry. please do let me know if you need any more details to help me out on this.

Not sure what you mean here. What is CTA?

Anyway, it sounds like you have a project that uses stacks that aren’t installed on your Mac.

Do you use Foundry and the Carpenter stacks? Then you might be missing the Potion and Thunder Packs. These are the requirements:

Foundry v2.2.1 +
Potion Pack v2.0.3 +
Thunder Pack v1.0.5 +

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Foundry - Mason
Stacks rapidweaverplugin

Sorry for the delay in responding. i have installed the above 3.

In the Mason list it CTA01 - CTA10, Fonts01 - Font12 and Footer01 - Footer15. When i use any of this, it shows the message “This stack is not currently installed. You need to reinstall to use it.”

As @Fuellemann points out, it is because some of those free templates in Mason require stacks in Potion and / or Thunder Pack.


Thanks a lot… Done as mentioned by @Fuellemann and working fine…

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