Master Style Edit = Beachball

hi there,
when i click on edit in the sidebar under theme styles or when i click on “Master Style” in the left sidebar the page does not show anything but a beachball appears and stalls rw7. force quit rw7 is the only option then. now i can’t edit the master style at all. and i can’t switch from the selected master style page. every time open the project the master style page is selected and the beachball spins. on the left i can see “generating preview home”. removing the style files does not help. any ideas anyone?
thanks! ruby

Sounds like one for @dan or @ben or someone from RealMac. They’ll want info on the version you’re using and stuff like that.


thanks rob! thanks rob! thanks rob! (otherwise i had less than 20 characters :wink:


Could you email us, support @ realmascoftware . com, with the following:

  • a link to this thread
  • your project file (if possible).
  • Which version of RW you’re using
  • which theme you’re using

One of us will then get back to you ASAP :slight_smile:

thanks ben!
i don’t know what i did to solve be problem but it works for now again. i was perfectly stuck in that bug for a few hours! deleting any prefs of rw did not help and i tried lots of other stuff… since i do not know why it happened in the first place i just hope now that i won’t happen again.
my only guess is as as follows: the last thing i did was ctrl-click on the projects file name (to see where the file actually is stored on my computer) while the project was still opening (the content was not yet rendered). then the rw crashed. i was too fast it seems :wink:
but overall i must say that rw7 is still the only app (an i have many many) on my mac which keeps crashing regularly. only force quit will help then. by now i am pretty sure that the plugins are doing this and i try to use as few as possible. that is why i was looking for an alternative solution for the @import of pluskit.
thanks again! ruby