Theme Style Tab Crashes RW8

In RW8 when using any theme, when i open the Page Inspector and click the Theme Style Tab it crashes RW8. Also happens in the Pages tab when I click on Master Styles. Has anyone experience either of these problems? Help, my web development is at a stand still!

Do you have any old 3rd party / unsupported plugins? These have been known to cause crashes even when not actively used.

You could try opening the Addons window and unchecking everything except the Realmac folder. See if the problem still occurs.

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I tried your suggestions and still the same (at least I can see the style tab content before it crashed) I think the OS is the problem. I’m running MAC Big Sur 11.0 Beta. I tried to reinstall Catalina but Big Sur won’t open it. Looks like I’m gonna have to format drive and reload Catalina but I would like to save my apps when reloading Catalina if possible.

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