Spinning beachball in RW 717


I am using RW717 and Mac OS 10.12.1. In trying to update a client’s blog I get a spinning beach ball when pressing save or trying to publish. This just started, ie, the spinning beachball and needing to force quit.

I restarted RW pressing the option key and unchecked 3rd party plugins and RW worked. So one of my plug ins is defective. How do I go about finding the bad plug-in?


@desert99mac99 – First, make a backup of your project file. Then, make sure all your addons are up-to-date (that includes theme, plugins and stacks). It’s most likely that some of them will need updating.

If you still get spinning ball on save, try to disable suspect pages by marking them as “draft”. If that won’t let you narrow down the culprit, enable back your pages and start removing 3rd party plugins and/or stacks – until you find the one that is not fully compatible with RW 7.1.7.

Also, check for any snippets of code (HTML, JavaScript, etc) that might have been added in the past to single pages or site-wide.