Master Styles Problem

Im having a problem with RW8 Master Styles not functioning with 1LD Overlay Menu Stack and Foundry.
MS does work with other themes and I am wondering if Foundry and Overlay Stack are not functional with RW8?

Also, Overlay stack freezes and does not load completely if I choose a page from the lefthand Page list although it does work beautifully if different pages are chosen via the Menu itself.

Hope someone has a solution
Am pasting screen shots:

Pretty sure you don’t want to use Theme Styles in Foundry. Master Style should be selected and set to “Theme Default” . Styles should be set in the Foundry Stack. Tagging Adam @Elixir for the definitive answer.

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Hi there @Kerick

Foundry is good to go in RapidWeaver v8. I use it daily here in v8 and have since the first private betas shipped to developers.

As far as Master Styles – there’s really not anything in the Styles section for the Foundry theme that you’d need to set the Master Styles for honestly. And Master Styles does not interact with Stacks addons.

This might be an app bug, but I can’t be sure. You might want to send a project file to @dan and @tpbradley so they can have a look.

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