Matching Blog Sidebar Header Formatting with Font Pro

Hello all!

RW: 7.1.3
Stacks: 3.2.3
macOS: 10.12
Theme: Writer 1.0.7 (NCD)
Blog: RW Blog Plugin
Additional stacks: PlusKit, Houdini (JW), Font Pro (JW)

Insert a stack of most popular blog links in the sidebar and match the sidebar header formatting.

I’ve created the header and text stack with my most popular blogs and, using Houdini, have it in the right place in RW. I have not published the changes to the site as I want to get it right before going live.

As you can see in the image, I was able to match the header formatting by using the same CSS class (sub-title) in the Font Box stack (Font Pro). However, by using that class, it’s rewritten my header “Popular Posts” as “Categories.”

Thanks in advance for your help!