Media Library Constantly Changing Item Display

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RapidWeaver Version: 6.3.8 (14912)
System Version: 10.11.34
Hardware: 27" Retina iMac, 3.3 GHz. intel core i5, 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3

Working with Foundation theme and accessing the Media Library for stock png background images, the order of the items constantly changes. When moving around back and forth between Stack Library, selecting stacks in Edit mode, then selecting Media Library, sometimes the pastel colored squares will be on top, sometimes photo images previously used, sometimes black and white or frames, or… Basically there is no consistency in the display, so if I am experimenting with a certain group of pngs and remember that it’s the 4th column down and last on the right, I’ll NEVER find that one again. It would also be very helpful if you have chosen a png, and want to know which one it is when you click in the inspector, that it would be highlighted in the Media Library for identification purposes. But it’s the buggy and inconsistent order of the display that is the worst…)

Expected Result:
(I would like the order of the Media Library display to be consistent so that I could find previously selected items.)

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(If you have any projects files, screenshots or videos of the bug in action please link to them here.)

This isn’t a bug in RapidWeaver itself - it’s in Stacks’ media library, I’m afraid. Might be worth letting @isaiah know via email: support at your head dot com



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tl;dr: try Sort by Tag. I think that will improve things quite a bit for you.

OK, here’s the longer explanation of what’s going on.

The order of the display of items in the Stacks Library is a user preference. You can set to have the items grouped by Author, Title, or Tag. Grouping things by Tag is the default.

In the images group how this plays out depends a lot on the number of images in your document and the number of images available in 3rd party stacks.

For instance, in the Jack stack from Joe workman that are hundreds of images available for borders and backgrounds. Often just subtle variations. Here’s what the media library looks like with the Jack stack installed and set to order by Tag (the default).

Ordering in this way keeps things in groups, which is a bit nicer and less chaotic. You can choose the sort order by clicking the Gear menu in the lower left of the toolbar and choosing Arrange Stacks > By Tag.

If you use the media library a lot (and it sounds like you do) then Tag order is :thumbsup: the best.

Choosing other orders makes things appear in one giant “Images” group. That’s fine for a few images, but when there are hundreds, it gets confusing fast.

I don’t see inconsistent order myself simply by switching back and forth. However, I can speculate that what you’re seeing is coming from images being added to your project. As you add images to your project they get added to the media library. If you sort by Tag then those stay near the top in their own group – and keep the order of everything else the same – however in other sorting arrangements they get mixed in – shifting around the other items.

So, give sort by Tag a try. If that doesn’t work, then let know. And send as many details on how help us see what you’re seeing so that we can help you get it all sorted – pun intended :stuck_out_tongue:


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