Possible to sort Library stacks by author but Folder stack by Tag?

Is there a way to sort my main Library by author, but if I create custom folders I would like them to be sorted by tag. Is it possible? If not this would be a feature request for RW 7.

Actually, RapidWeaver does not control this, you will want to make sure @isaiah knows about this, as it would be a Stacks request. This is a feature request I would like for Stacks as well, as I would like certain folders to sort differently. Not sure if it is possible, but something that would be cool!

Ah, well I definitely will Robb. Why don’t you do so as well, so that the feature might rise to the top of Isaiah’s list.

currently the sorting for the library is global – that is to say, all the views are sorted the same way in all views of the library – i think i can take this as feature request.

i should warn you that i get dozens of feature requests for the library each month. often tugging in directly opposing directions. the library sorting and features are currently a balance between having enough options to provide flexibility and not burden users with so many options that it’s overcomplicated.

providing a separate sorting (or separate prefs in general) for each different group probably falls into the “overcomplicated” bin for now. however, my views on these things tend to evolve over time – and tend towards adding more features as Stacks (and it’s users) mature.