Need a youtube stack that can handle multiple vids

(Roy) #1

Does anyone know of a stack that can cycle through Youtube videos? Not with a Youtube channel perse, just video urls or embed codes that I assign to the stack?

Much thanks.

(Marten Claridge ) #2

If you’re researching stacks and want to see all the options available then simply go to StackCentral and enter the relevant category. In this case, try Video to see if there’s an individual stack that will do what you want.

I’m not sure there is, so perhaps you could try another approach and that would be to insert the video stack of your choice in a slider or cycler stack — look in the Slider category. The one that obviously springs to mind is Joe Workman’s Cycler stack.

RapidWeaver Central

(Rob Beattie) #3

Carousel Complete might do the job too.

(Mathew Mitchell) #4

You also might want to check out MovingBox by Joe Workman. Handles videos really nicely.

(Will Woodgate) #5

Both my StackSlider and TopBox stacks added full support for YouTube this year too. Depends exactly how you want to display your video content - whether you want it as a slider or as a popup lightbox gallery. Without linking to a channel or playlist hosted on YouTube, you’ll need to manually setup each video you want displayed.

(Mathew Mitchell) #6

Well … TopBox is fantastic! I completely forgot the lightbox gallery effect (even though I’ve used it on two sites). Shame on me! Very easy to set up a lightbox gallery, and very effective.

StackSlider was recently updated in many great ways and, while different, is very similar to MovingBox.

TopBox is a must have stack for all sorts of reasons, so even if it doesn’t meet your specific need right now it’s a definite tool to have in your design toolbox.