A gallery page with pictures, slideshows, video

I want to create a “gallery page” or “photo album”, not only with pictures but also videos, slideshows, stacks pages…
In the gallery I want to see only static thumbnails, not moving miniature videos or moving miniature slideshows.

Is there a stack or addon that allow me to get this, or should I just create a simple thumbnail grid with links to other pages? (one for video, one for slideshow, and so on…)

There are lots of ways to accomplish what you want, so I’m not sure what to specifically recommend. You may want to first check out Will Woodgate’s TopBox:

Clever use of this stack will probably give you everything you want. But depending on the details (e.g. are images from Flickr?) other stacks may complement TopBox, or be a better fit than TopBox. For example Joe Workman’s MovingBox is also very flexible: not the same stack, or purpose, but could help a lot.

Thank you! TopBox is not exactly what I had in my mind, but it is a very good alternative.
I will try the demo.

@Trystero: Topbox is incredibly flexible. Some of the options may not be obvious at first, so look over the relevant webpage carefully. The key is it lightboxes everything: so if you don’t want a lightbox effect then it’s not a good option for you. But … everything else is hugely flexible: one lightboxed item, or a gallery. The items, or galleries, can consist of photos, videos, text or any other stack, and so on. It is the only thing I know of that will combine so many different things.

However if you have a more specific vision then there might be something that is a better fit. But when I read from you: photos, videos, slideshows, other stacks … then Topbox came to mind.


I just purchased TopBox. I tried the demo and I realize that I can get the page I want with a stacks Grid and a TopBox in every grid space.
In this way I can have a kind of gallery with pictures or lightboxes or videos… all together.

Thank you for the advice!

TopBox is a great product but it’s also worth mentioning Nick Cates’ Light Page stack - http://nickcatesdesign.com/preview/rapidweaver/lightpage/

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@robbeattie: Yes, Light Page seems very nice!

@Trystero: I’ve used the combo of TopBox with Will’s adaptive grid stack a lot (for similar reasons):

Glad things are working out for you!

I purchased LighPage months ago. I tried with it, but it seems perfect for a kind of catague with illustrations + extended captions and text (like the wonderful demo page), but not with slideshows or videos.

LightPage supports video - there’s even a Video stack included in the package.

Does it support warehoused video or only embedded video from youtube or vimeo?

@ PAProf: I have LightPage but can’t go look at it now. Visit the website of Nick Cates (the developer). It definitely uses Vimeo and YouTube, but I think it may also use warehoused video. May be wrong though. It will be easy to figure out from the developer’s page. (BTW the vast majority of folks use Vimeo or YouTube for longer videos, things over 30-60 seconds.)

Thanks Matthew! I’m not sure she would want the videos to be made public. No not because of that… :slight_smile: She’s a trainer and these are videos she made showing specific exercises she teaches.