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(Rajat Bagga) #22

Great, you guys have really come up very quickly !! Well Done.

(Weavium) #23

The latest version of Total Calculator has officially been released!

Version 1.5.5 Includes advanced currency and decimal settings for formats of all countries, tax percentages, and the optional ability to add / edit / delete new items on the fly~~

The stack is really turning into something greater than we imagined. : )

Checkout live examples here:

(Rajat Bagga) #24

Great @weavium, is it possible to also have the tax percentage displayed in the actual invoice (pdf) as well?

(Weavium) #25

Hi there @rajat,

Tax totals and pretax totals will both be displayed in the invoice automatically,

Do you mean to have a notice about the percentage of tax in the invoice?

such as (a tax of 6.00% percent has been applied to the total), something like this by chance?

(Rajat Bagga) #26

Yes @weavium , A notice of how much percentage of Tax has been applied to the Total in the actually generated invoice would be great and also if this message can be modified via user stack settings then it would be nice too.

(Weavium) #27

Hi @rajat

Sure, this seems like quite a simple feature to add, we will try to include it with the next update. ^_-

(Weavium) #28

Hi Rajat,

It took a bit, but the ability to show a tax notice has been added to the latest update of Total Calculator. The version should be 1.5.6.

Let us know if you have any troubles, and thanks for all your support/suggestions!

Take care~

(Rajat Bagga) #29

Looks good. Thanks Rajat

(Rob Beattie) #30

@weavium Hi there, I’ve been looking at Total Calculator and am struggling to understand the workflow.

I can see why having the ability to select different services is useful
I can see how it might be useful for visitors to be able to add their own items to the list and have them included

But I can’t see why anyone would then want to print out an invoice summarising what they’ve selected. Maybe its a naming thing. An ‘estimate’ or ‘quote’ makes sense to me, but not an ‘invoice’.
Why would I as a visitor want to generate an invoice at this point in the process?

Or maybe I’m missing the point?


(Jan Fuellemann) #31

Hi @weavium you made quite a splash in June and all I see is a calculator. Are there any themes or stacks coming forward or did you choose to hunt other interests? Just curious and I would understand both ways!

(Weavium) #32

Hi there @Fuellemann ~

Great question!

We did release one other stack last month : ) Our Searchable FAQ stack~


You can check it out here:

Also, we’ve been working on a huge site redesign with a whole new system for selling stacks and themes. The new site should be up very soon and it will have a great system for searching through all of our products, tutorials and more.

Along with the new site design and newly developed system, we hope to be pushing out a ton of new stacks and hopefully we will even get to some great themes. ^^

We will let everyone know when the new site is up~

(Weavium) #33

Hi there @robbeattie

Thank you for the inquiry~ That is an excellent question.

We have noticed that there are basically two main use cases for Total Calculator:

#1 It can be a simple and helpful way for your users to get an idea of what type of services you offer, along with a description for those services, and a list of prices. In addition to just seeing the information, the user can get an estimated total for the services that they may want to purchase, and even print off that information for later, so that they don’t have to go back and look through everything again. In this case, you are absolutely right, the word “Estimate” might be a better choice of words, but luckily the stack allows you to change all of the text for the buttons etc, so if you prefer, you can easily change it to “Print Estimate”. : )

#2 The other case that we have found to be pretty common is an internal usage of the stack by companies. There are many companies out there using the stack internally to print off quick invoices. They can have a few default services that they might use often, and they can also use the “Add Items” feature to create new ones on the fly. This stack provides a dead simple way to create new invoices and print them off quickly. We’re also working on implementing some new feature for adding custom info to each invoice before print.

These are the two main use cases for the stack. I hope this will give you a better understanding of how it works, what it can be used for, and what it is all about.

If you ever have any further questions, feel free to send us a message at any time.


(Rob Beattie) #34

Cheers chaps. Further experimentation with the stack revealed that you can indeed name the PDF whatever you like - and the button to go with it. So now I understand the workflow a lot better.

Many thanks


(Brian LaPan) #35