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Hello! I’m trying to think of a way that I can have someone login to a section of my website (member area) but they would see a personalized dashboard. Basically something that can display particular Google sheet data, days remaining of membership, and where they would be able to upload pdfs. I know how to enable a countdown, view a google sheet, and have a PDF uploader, but any idea/help on how to make it a login where only they would see their data would be spectacular.

Thank you in Advance!

Lots of members? Sound like a job for Sitelok.

Yes, there should be a fair amount of members. I took a look at sitelok but would each member be able to see personalized data or is it just “hey you’re in the members area”?

Daniel Anton

I use Sitelok and love it, but I don’t know the answers to some of your questions. Here’s some steps to take:

  1. go to the website and download the documentation (PDF). It’s quite extensive
  2. Sitelok also is complemented with many different addons: some paid, some free. Check those out.
  3. Ask Adrian, the developer, directly. @vibralogix (I’ve tagged Adrian so he knows about this post.)

Sitelok really is the best product around. If it can’t do all you want then you might want to rethink some aspects of your plan. But first find out what all it will do. Here’s the web link:

You can build a dashboard for each member, there is also an add on called member files that allow the upload/download of files specific to that member.
Plus, there are 50 custom fields you can use for specific member data you may need. You can use some of these fields if needed to automatically store a download link to a file that user uploaded.

It’s a quite robust product. @joeworkman offers a set of sitelok stacks that makes it easier to implement in RW.

Sitelok should be able to be the basis of the system I think. It can handle the login (and any payments) and secure the pages. Depending on the user specific parts you may be able to use one common page with the custom settings stored in custom fields. Please contact me directly via so we can look at this in more detail.

Thank you everyone! I’ll definitely take a closer look at everything Sitelok can do. And @vibralogix I’ll absolutely be in touch after i review your material. This may be exactly I need.

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