Stack for Membership Area or Members Only?!

I’m looking for a way to create a membership area of a RW site. Are there any simple stacks out there?

I want to create a page in my website with a members area where i can put contents that are visible only for users with password to log in … something like that in the picture below!

any stacks any ideas? Armadillo stacks it could be ok?!

Thank you

It depends on the level of complexity you need. There are very simple ones, like Page Safe or Private Eyes (which I am using and it works great for me), or something very multi-functional like Sitelok.

I want to have some pages public and just one page private to access only with username and password.
Pagesafe requires only a code or password?! not username?
maybe this it could be ok?!
i don’t know…

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Yes, the stack from Yuzool looks just like your sample screenshot. If you have any doubts, you can always contact developers and ask them specific questions. They are a helpful bunch…

Sitelok also works very well. Users can sign up for their own accounts. It’s not RW specific, but the developer is an RW user and will help you get it set up if you run into trouble.