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I bought the Register Stack from Yuzoolthemes some months ago, but i cannot get it to work. Of course i try to communicate with Yuzoolthemes about it to solve the problem, but since 2 emails i do not get any replies from them anymore. So i am stuck with my problem right now. My question is this: If anyone on this forum can help me out to get the Register Stack working for my website… or point me out a similar solution with Stack in Rapidweaver. Thx in advance.

When you say you cannot get it to work, what exactly is happening. Is there a test site that we can see?


Here is what happening.
I setup the whole Stack as in the example that is given by Yuzoolthemes, i also changed some minor things in which Michael of Yuzoolthemes showed me like changing the path of the page and also the thankyou page. All that is did and changed did not help.

Here the testpage link:

When you enter an email adres , click on the green register button you are forwarded to another page.
But… no email is send to my client or to the person who add is email to register.

I checked the JUNK … i also checked if my server is refusing ‘register traffic’ … but all seams to be ok.

I just do not receive the emails…

Thanks in advance

I seem to remember some problem related to people testing thi by sending themselves an email. Let me send you one via the form and see if you get it.


I’ve used the Landing Signup stack also from Yuzool to collect emails for an update before the launch of my last site and that worked fine for me. I gather they are fairly similar.

No email from you received. I tested it besides my own email adres als with other people and also my gmail address… no result.

Good tip!. But because of the lack of support from Yuzool last 2 months i will not buy a Stack there anymore. I know they make great stuff, that’s why i bought Register, but solving a problem like mine is not going very well. I was also thinking setting up a little Form page in Formloom 3 and add that as a Stack… i think i can get the same result as register… Am i right?

Alright, here an update.
Today, after 1 month waiting, Yuzoolthemes reacted by email and offered to help.
But i said no thanks, i waited to long to get some decent service.

I bought another similar Stack solution from Joe Workman called PostOffice.
It worked as soon as i integrated it in the website.

My client is happy, i am happy and i hope that Yuzoolthemes will learn something from it.
Thanks also @ashleykaryl and @robbeattie for their great attempts to help me out.

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