Meta Tags - Description Box Issues

I searched and did not find a topic related to my issue; however, that said, I may simply be using the wrong terms.

Whenever I am typing in the Meta Tag section for a page - in the “Description” box or the Social Tags "Description box, I can not type more than about two to three letters before it kicks me out. I do not know how else to describe it. When I’m typing, I’m suddenly not there and the screen flashes on the template whenever I type. If I use the mouse, I can get the cursor back into the text box and type one or two more letters before I’m kicked out of it again.

The issue is in the Inspector under Meta Tags. Do I have something set up wrong?

Rapidweaver 8.6.2


Perhaps you type while in preview mode. Please write in edit mode and it should be fine…

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I have the same issue here, since RW v. 8.6. In various stacks, when I try to type inside input boxes, those boxes just lose focus. Sometimes I have to click inside a box repeatedly, sometimes I am able to type couple of characters and then the box loses its focus. Also using the “tab” key to move from one input box to the next one mostly doesn’t work. This happens intermittently, in both Edit and Preview modes. Drives me completely mad.

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