V7.04 can't enter metatags

When trying to enter metatags under the “Code” section, entering more than one “Description” line results in the previous line being overwritten, or deleted. I cannot enter more than one “Description” line. Other versions of RW, this was not a problem.

Code metatags are applied site wide so you would only use that if you want the same information on every page. It’s better to use the Description window for each page on the right hand side of the interface.

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Yes, I’m fully aware of that, however, the Code metatags don’t work as they should - that is the point.

If you add more than one description line it will automatically cancel the other. Code is more suited to metatags like language, copyright and publisher etc.

That was not the case in previous versions of RW.

That doesn’t make sense. To start with you would not want the same description on every page because it would kill your SEO.

My other site has both: description entries in Code and on every page. So what you’re saying is that this current clumsiness in the Code section has become deliberate to prevent us from screwing up our SEO?

Personally I could never have conceived of using the Code section for description metatags, but if this blocks that practice then good. I wouldn’t call it clumsiness at all; more like saving you from a big mistake.

Note that you can still use Code for other metatags that can be appropriately used on all pages, such as language etc, but only once for each metatag type otherwise they will overwrite each other.

Looking at this pragmatically any description you write in the Code area will appear on every page of your site and should overwrite any other description. Furthermore Google limits you to around 160 characters at most so the idea of having 2 or more descriptions just doesn’t make sense.