Help for Michael David's Kinfolk Theme

I am trying to use a third party slideshow in the Kinfolk theme. When the “No Banner” is checked, the third party slideshow will not display in preview. When I leave the “No Banner” unchecked, a default image displays. I have tried putting the slideshow Stack in an EC1 but it doesn’t stop the default image from showing up in preview mode. The only way that image stops showing is if I use David’s In Motion Slideshow. I would like to use a different slideshow but can’t figure out how to go about it. Does anyone have a snippet of code to override the theme’s code or any suggestions on how to get this to work the way I would like?

I’m having this problem also. And there seem to be some conflicts with plugins such as Yuzool’s Grid stack, which is responsive.

Any thoughts?
Thank you.

My biggest problem is that Michael David Designs will not respond to support-related emails. I am always courteous when reaching out for help and folks like Nick Cates, Joe Workman and others respond, typically within 24 hours. I emailed Michael David weeks ago and NO response. Very frustrating. :frowning:

Very strange. I emailed many times to Michael David, sometime with boring questions about customizations, extra contents, options of the themes, and I always had kind answers.

Have you removed the code from the sidebar?

Alas, I’m having a hard time getting a response from Michael David also.

I’ve reached out to him twice and he responded within a few days. I asked pretty newbie questions.

Sorry to reopening this topic, but 7 days without Michael David answer about a site mobile behavior…
Has anyone successfully got in touch with him recently?


always replies pretty promptly in my experience - had a couple of exchanges 2 weeks back.

I emailed him some newbie questions and he responded within 48 hours. Not discounting your experience. Just sharing my insights.

I got a great support from Michael, nothing to complain now.