Michael David support?

I´ve contacted with Michael David for technical support but I´m still waiting since 4 October without any signal. I need to finish the web and open the store and I´ve trusted slider stack to show products. I´ve start thinking I´ve wasted my time and money. This forum is my last chance before accept I made a mistake with Mddtheme.
Even if I´m doing something wrong or if it´s a bug I appreciate some advice.
Here is my problem with slider stack: Slider always fill the layout regardless image constrain size. Even worse it handle the image size as it would be the constrained value. For example, in a narrow portrait ratio 800x2200 px image if I set max width to 400px, slider zoom in the image to fill the layout taking 400px as the real size image. Beside I don´t want to fill the layout in landscape mode I just want it constrained to 400.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t have that stack and not entirely sure what you want to do, but you could try putting the slider in a one column stack and set that 400 px.

Thanks for your answer.
What does “I don’t have that stack” mean? I bought “the click slider stack” on Michael David Desing web (Transation ID 8M017196A0773971M) and wrote to "mddthemes@gmail.com" asking for technical support. Not your mailbox, either?

I just want to have a responsive slideshow inside of a two column stack. If I put a couple of image inside a two columns stack and set both image width constrained to 100px I expect to see two little image and so is. If do the same but image are inside “click slider stack” what I get are blurred image filling the layout.

I´m sorry my english is not as good as I´d like. I try again step by step. Thanks for your time and patience.
I put an image inside click slider Slide stack(inside Click slider as well) Doble click the image to Set the image width constrained to 200
I preview the page and the image is not constrained to 200px. It just fill the layout (in iPad Landscape, portrait or iphone…)
Even thought image is 800px width It looks blurred in landscape and desktop preview. (If i set image width to 100 it look more blurred. That´s why i guess that constrain value is taking as real image size. The smaller the constrain value is the greater blur image.

Hi, I don’t think you can do variable widths with that stack.
I’m trying visualize what you are trying to create, do you have a Link? Take a look at this demo page and scroll down to the variable width slider, is that what you are trying to do?

Thanks roll size.
What I´m trying is what I´ve did for a couple of years with Cycler stack from JoeWokman. But Cycler does not allow you to swipe slideshows in tablets and touch screen terminal. Today it is essential to run slideshows with the touch of your fingers so I tried with slider stack.
I used to constrain the size of an image half so in retina display it looks nice and sharp. How do you make a responsive slideshow with portrait ratio? I need to constrain image size in order to achieve two goals: see the full image and be responsive for retina display. As far as I know.
Unfortunately I don´t have any link because of… some questions waiting for support.

are you trying to create this type of portrait slider?

Thanks Rollsize, once more.
No. I am trying to have a two column stack where the left one contains info and the right column show the product with the slideshow (our little family business sell paper wall calendars; cover+12image slideshow). Pretty simple I think.
www.par10.net is the web but give me 30 min to upload the old web cause I am having problems with the update.
Anyway I attach an screenshot of rw project.
Thanks for your time.

Im heading to the office now, ill be back online after an hour. But here is what i did quickly with superflex 3 and 2 column stack, but the text on the left has to be small amount ill have to play with some setting to get the image smaller on mobile, but it can be done

Thanks Rollsize. I really appreciate your feedback,
Your right. Superflex and Photo are great. In fact superflex is similar to Cycler. As I said before, I´m not trying to do anythig I didn´t before. Maybe Photo is better for my goals but it takes the visitors out of the page (I mean It opens a responsive window on the website to show the slideshow). Thanks.
I´ve already upload the old website. You can see how I constrained the image size even in one column stack.
Regards from Basque country

Hi, I only used superflex, 2 column stack, text stacj and an image stack, not the photo stack. Do you have foundation?

It doesn’t look like the Text stacks and Cycler stacks are in a 2 column stack, can you show us a screenshot of your edit mode?

@rolisize he is using the hive theme.

@zeebe thanks, when I tried the link it would not load for me

Thanks zebu, rollisize.
https://www.par10.net work for my browser and all slideshow are building with cycler stack. You´re right zeebe right now I´m using hive theme, but in the new website I use Gamma. In 2017 update I´ve change the design from one column slideshow, with the info at the top, to two column, with info at left and a slideshow at the right side. Anyway you can find a 2 columns example at the bottom of https://www.par10.net/reciclado/manteles/
All I want is a two column, with info at left and a responsive slideshow of 13 image at right (ok, and I need to constrain the image size, due to narrow portrait ratio (1:3), in order to see the full image).


I’ve had the same experience as you, I’m sorry to say, with their ‘support’.

It seems as though ‘Michael David’ builds 'em and another single helper fixes 'em - when he can.

In the end it was our own good Dan who actually helped the most with a Theme that was crashing RW whenever I tried to change or access Styles.

Good luck!

Thanks Mark.
I appreciate your kind words.
It´s clear for me right now. I waste my money, but I will not spend more time with people who say

I don’t have that stack and not entirely sure what you want to do

It´s over.


You are aware that dear @thang is in no way connected to MDD?

His reply was merely trying to help you by suggesting something useful…

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His name happens to be David. But it’s a co-incidence :slight_smile:

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Thanks Kryten.
No I know nothing about David Thang that´s why I send him a message asking for his relationship with MDD. No response to my message and the thread of this conversation either.
No answer to my email or to this topic from MDD either.
Wait, I just got a message saying their slider were designed to be 100% width. Too late, I miss more info before purchase and in my experience it is RW forum that trigger the answer. Sad.
Thanks all of you.

I didn’t reply earlier due to the difference in our respective timezones. In Los Angeles it is now 10am. I’m just a forum member like you who had a suggestion to help with your problem.

Seems to be a bit of a language problem with understanding
“I” and “you” = " i " eta " zuk" or “usted” y “yo”.

Anyway good luck with fixing your problem. :slight_smile:

Thanks to @MarkSealey and @kryten for helping to sort out the misinterpretation.

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The truth remains that MDD products are good to look at and - I’ve used a couple - when they work, they work well.

But the fact that there is now only one way to get in touch with their technical support team, a gmail address, and that ‘Michael David’ himself seems to have nothing to do with supporting his products when they do need it is of real concern. And that such support takes so long to receive, if at all.

If anyone in the community knows better or can flesh out this rather sketchy picture - which is my own experience - I’d be delighted to be able to be more positive, and be more positive here!