50 / 50 Slider Stack by 1LD

Hey RW nation !
Anybody else using the wonderful new stack by 1LD - 50 / 50 Slider ? I can’t figure out how to add another slide (clicking the + button does nothing); just curious if anybody else purchased it and has played around yet. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. The tutorial link is broken for the stack at the 1LD site. And YES, I’ve left a note for 1LD support


It’s should work by clicking the button but doesn’t so copy and paste the slide you have and it adds it below.

It’s a great stack and I am sure @1LittleDesigner Jeremy will have an update soon.


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That worked perfectly Nigel - thanks much ! I’m sure an update will be forthcoming from Jeremy :slight_smile:

It’s probably an over site. I’m looking forward to using it in a few projects.

@Nostrildomus I think there should be a child stack included that invokes the Plus button. I have emailed 1LD with this problem. I can make it work by holding down the Alt Key and dragging it WITHIN the 50/50 stack i.e it duplicates a 50/50 Item, which can then be modified.

@Jon1LD Have you got a solution to the problem? Or do you not realise yet that something is missing?

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The plus button to add extra slides doesn’t work for me either!!

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Can we have a full screen option as well please plus a % height option?


Hi Guys - can anyone confirm if warehoused images are supported in this stack

Kind Regards


No I don’t think so.


Thanks for the confirmation - I guess i’ll have to cross the stack off my list in that case.


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Can a autoplay and touch to swipe option be added?

It has arrows to advance through the slides.

True, but those arrows get small on mobile, much easier to swipe to advance.

@Jon1LD Still no explanation of why the Plus (+) button does not add dditional Slider Items in the 50/50 Slider Stack.

I was sent an updated 50/50 stack this AM and the (+) button now works for me:) They are pushing out an update… very pleased with the support!

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@Nostrildomus I emailed them directly with the problem and have heard nothing.

Hello @kpryce1,

Just got your mentions (Sorry about that I’m not able to check the forums all that often). Make sure to contact our support team first if you need immediate help. I checked with them and they are aware of the problem, currently they are issuing a temporary fix while the developer works on the official update. They did receive your email but had mistakenly replied to a forwarded message from the forum that ended up going nowhere. I’m having them send you a copy of the temporary fix.

Many thanks - got temporary update. I was trying to use the sllder with png files, but have to convert them to jpgs because they display a second png with the first png behind it. i.e. Slider Item 1 has a png1 which can be partially seen in the second slider item containing png2, but behind but behind. Is this meant to happen??

Here i bought this also and I thought I was doing something wrong, my plus button does nothing… and also it seems to add pictures sideways even though mine are correct orientation… also no tutorials at all…so it must not work or is goofed and he can’t fix it…should have stopped selling it then.

Well mine still does not work, so how do you get the update? they should have pushed that out as my updates are not updating this stack at all…