Microsoft Edge and PDF's?

Anyone found a workaround for displaying embedded PDF’s in full for Edge users? I just found out from a client their PDF’s are only displaying the first page of an embedded PDF, when I checked, it appears to be a common problem! I’ve tried embedding in Resources and on Google Drive and still only get the first page!

Supposedly my Embed stack works for PDFs on Microsoft Edge. I don’t know why this one works when other stacks fail, but that’s what I’m told!

The example on my website is working in Edge v91. I just tried it. All the pages of the PDF can be scrolled. Same in TopBox which is using similar code to display PDF files inside a lightbox.

For Embed, you’ll need to use the iFrame configuration. Provide a relative or absolute link to the PDF file you want to use. I’m thinking a PDF that you host on your own web server may prove more reliable; although my example uses PDFs stored at another location.

If both stacks are still not working for you on Edge, then I suspect the problem lies somewhere else; like an extension installed in Edge or a special setting.

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Thanks Will, I have your stack, will try it.

@willwood Thanks again Will, all working now.

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