Migration to new computer 2020

Hi there!

Most of the migrating RW to new computer threads are quite old. Also some tutorials have disappeared from community.

What are the best practices today?

  1. Migration assistant


  1. Manual selective transfer to new computer
  • Project files - > Copy & Zip and transfer (keep originals old just in case)
  • Addons -> Cloud
  • RW -> Deactive license, load to new computer & active license.
    Uptade and then add add-ons and project files.

What did I forgot?

Bonus question: Can I run RW on both computers with same license?


Yes, you can use RW on both computers. You can even share the addons folder, although some folks have had issues with Dropbox and OneDrive synchronization, sync.com or iCloud seems to still work okay.

As for using Migration Assistant or doing a clean install goes, from a RapidWeaver perspective, I don’t think it matters. Other than forcing you to do some ”house cleaning” by not installing what you don’t use anymore, clean installation really won’t buy you anything.

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