New mac, help please

Hi, I got a new Mac, which is connected to an icloud, and it should have installed my RW 8, but it didn’t. I installed it manually and activated it, however, my themes, stacks, and projects did not show?

Not sure if I understand what you are asking. Having a Mac connected to iCloud will not automatically install applications that are on another Mac. If you purchased app’s from the Apple App Store (RW8 is currently not available on the app store) then the app store (not iCloud) can install apps for you.

RapidWeaver (7 and up) allow you to select a location to place your addons folder in. If you selected to install the addons in iCloud on the old computer then simply go to the new Mac and open RapidWeaver, select preferences and choose the addon tab and select the folder that your add-ons were stored on.

You could use Time Machine on the old Mac and restore to the new Mac. That is the way i always move apps and it works fine.

I have a time capsule backing up the other Mac, however as I have some corrupted files on it, until I figure out which files are corrupted. I’m not backing up the new Mac to it. My "old Mac is also connected to the same icloud account as the new one, therefore I assumed that it would be no problem DL RW with all its files to the new Mac via icloud. However, and for reasons that are beyond me, the icloud only DL my older version of RW (7), and not RW 8 which I just got, and no files (themes, etc) But I think I that I have solved the problem now. Thanks for the help!

Thank you, but I cannot use Time Machine now.

Apple provides “Migration Assistant” to move all your apps and files to a new Mac. Find it in your Utilities folder. (Assuming you still have your “old” Mac.)

Yes, I have both Mac’s and I did tried “Migration Assistant” but it was the same as with the icloud, no idea why? So I copy the files and used airdrop instead, which seems to have work. Thanks for the help!

Now that you’re digging through the addons folder anyway, it’s a good time to uninstall the things you aren’t using and make sure you’re up to date with the rest.


Good advice! I have to admit that as I am installing a lot of other apps from scratch, I have not gone thru all the RW addons or themes, which I have many. However, the ones that I have checked are up to date. Thanks for the help!

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