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I would like to create a facility for clients to upload photos and/or comments to a secure page sitting under Pagesafe. The same site would have multiple (up to, say, 250) such secure pages. The page would just get longer, as in Facebook, rather than get broken down into separate linked pages. Any ideas?

(Jason Bostick) #2

Would you be creatign each secure page? And then clients upload to it?

My first thought was using Sitelok to handle the secure side of things (PageSafe won’t be as user friendly if you’re trying to manage that many clients).

Then I’m thinking you could use a couple of @instacks stacks - maybe Repository to upload images, and Gallery 3 to display them? I haven’t actually produced that setup myself, but it seems like it could work.

(David Rolfe) #3

Yes, as each new member joins I would create a new page (and child-pages) for them. It will contain a form so that they can easily send their requirements to me. Their pages will have generic info and also - separately - information directly relevant to them that I will update centrally from time to time. The icing on the cake I’m looking for is the mini-Facebook option they can upload to and also share by giving out their code to friends. The site itself is travel orientated.

(David Rolfe) #4

Thanks, again. Repository does the job perfectly. Now looking for a slider that handles images and separate text on one slide. Any ideas?

(scott williams) #5

have a look at moving box by joe Workman

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