Missing background images since upgrade to 8.1.7

(Andy Moose Dude) #1

Ever since I updated Rapidweaver to 8.1.7 my background images in Codex theme (@michaeldaviddesign) is not working.

(should be background images rotating here )

Here’s a screenshot of the main page (styled text).

I ‘re-linked’ my resources so I’m confused as to why these images aren’t showing up.

(LJ) #2

I don’t have this theme and have no idea if it makes any difference - but doesn’t Codex expect the flexslider code to be in the sidebar?

(Andy Moose Dude) #3

Not sure about that. I don’t think so because this is how it’s been for a good year now and worked fine until the upgrade.

(Jason Bostick) #4

It looks like you’re missing the ‘.jpg’ in your code there (at least compared to what’s shown here: http://michaeldaviddesign.com/themes/codex/tutorial/)

(Andy Moose Dude) #5

Tried putting the ‘.jpg’ in there but still didn’t help.

Here’s the macro for one of the photos (taken from the resources window)…


That matches what’s in the screenshot I posted here.


(Andy Moose Dude) #6

Theme developer suggested adding a new resource and using it. Didn’t work.

(Jason Bostick) #7

Not sure. When I look at the web inspector on your site, I can see the images there (i.e. they’ve been uploaded to your server). Not sure why the theme isn’t connecting.

There are a couple of errors (one is a javascript error and I’m wondering if it is related to your ‘flexslider’) but I’m not much help there. Maybe the theme dev would be able to fix it (or rule it out) if you highlight it for him

(Andy Moose Dude) #8

Still awaiting a response from michael David designs. Been over a week now.:rage:

Alternative to Michael David Designs
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