How to install addons into your RapidWeaver program

I purchase a blog addons. I followed instructions to download and install. It shows it was installed, but when I open the addons it takes me back to the install. I am not able to implement it into my RapidWeaver. Please share your wisdom on what I am doing wrong.


What add on? How are you trying to add it?

The addon is the blog stack. Once I install and relaunch it doesnt show in folder, it adtally said addons cannot be found. Do I need another piece of the software for it too work, if so what?


If it’s a “stack”. You need the stacks plugin

Do you have Stacks add on

Have a watch through this…

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Yes I do. I do show a folder Stacks Disable. The Blog folder is listed I installed but it cannot be found in RW.

Describe your situation. Which RW? Which OS? Where did you install?
Did you install the app in Applications? ETC.
Many problems seem related to “unique” setups :wink:

Yes, I do have the stack plugin. The blog stack is in the Mac Vos program.
Thanks for your reponse, I am new at this, watching the turtorial to get understanding of this software.

I don’t know what that is.
Could you describe how you are installing the stack?
You called it “The Blog Stack”, I haven’t heard of a stack named that, Could you tell us who makes it?
To use any stack you do need to be using a stacks page.
Since you are new at RapidWeaver, if you haven’t yet found these videos from RealMac, you might have a look. A lot are on RW7 but it all still would be helpful:

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I think he’s referring to this -

The challenge Ruby is describing is one I have encountered more than once. Double clicking on the downloaded file shows the software (Stacks or whatever), but the software doesn’t show up. Dragging the file to the Dock icon also sometimes does not get the job done. The only thing I’ve find to work is to manually open the folder where these are stored and move them into the Stacks folder (for Stacks). Even with that, however, the system insists on creating a Stacks folder with the Stocks folder, which doesn’t seem to make any sense, but I am not a programmer, so I’ll remain silent on that. As long as it ultimately works, I’m good. But. I would like to see the main issue worked out.

I finslly figure it all out. Don’t go anywhere I am sure I will be back with more questions.

Thanks for your help


Terry thanks so much that there is someone who understood my frustration. Regardless of the instructions they do not always fit my computer. I know can be contrary to third parity software.

You’re certainly welcome. Also, maybe this will help: In the preferences set up there is a menu item for “Addons.” That gives you the option to look at lists of Plugins, Themes and Stacks. Choose Stacks, and in the bottom right corner you’ll see “Reveal in Finder.” That will take you to where all the RW stuff is stored on your drive. Just move your Stacks in the Stacks folder. And don’t be surprised if if you find there is a Stacks subfolder inside the Stacks folder. Make sure the Stacks you’ve downloaded are all in there.

I will defer to the knowledge of the experts on this forum about the technical processes. They certainly know more about this than I do. If my advice is wrong or ill-advised I will stand corrected. All I know is that this worked for me, so it may be worth a try.

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