Stacks 4 requiring a reinstall of all stacks

All my stacks, except the basic RW stacks, are no longer in my library. On my pages where they are being used appears the message “This stack is not currently installed. You need to reinstall it to use it.” This occurred right after upgrading to Stacks 4. This can’t be right. What’s happening? Thanks.

No, that shouldn’t have happened.

  • I’m assuming you restarted RapidWeaver.
  • Check under preferences (rapid-weaver menu) and under Addons look at the Addons Location: and make sure it is pointing to where you want.
  • From that same preference screen hit the Reveal in Finder button. There should. be a directory(folder) called stacks. Check to see if the stacks are still in that folder.

I had the same thing happen and had to reinstall a backup of the addons folder to correct it.

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