Missing stack but I know i have him

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after uninstalling a trial version of the Setapp app (a subscription app including Rapidweaver), Rapidweaver tells me I’m missing the Stacks plugin. I see all the stacks plugins I had still on my computer and also the extra ‘content.stack’ file. Could anybody tell me how i can get the main stacks plugin working again in Rapidweaver?
When i double-click on it it says it’s already installed.

thanks in advance!


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Hold down command-option and push 7, this will open the RW addons folder. See if you have more than one copy of the Stacks plugin installed. Maybe just remove the Stacks Plugin even if you have one, and re-download it from Yourhead and install it fresh.

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thanks for your reply. i openend my Rapidweaver 5 and tried command option 7 but nothing happens. I looked via the menu in ‘manage themes and plugins’ and saw a folder in application support called ‘Rapidweaver’. There all the stack files are inside a stack folder but i don’t know if the one from yourhead should also be in that folder because it’s not in there…

(Isaiah Carew) #4

“RapidWeaver 5” is probably the issue here.

Obviously RapidWeaver 5 is a few generations old now. The recent versions of Stacks will not be compatible with that version of RapidWeaver.

I’d probably recommend starting out by updating to a recent version of RapidWeaver (you’re in luck, RW8 came out today!) then installing Stacks.

After that I would manually copy over your 3rd party stacks to the addons folder.


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Yes i know the latest versions of Stacks is probably not compatible. I believe that the Settapp deleted my Stacks file and now I think i have no other option than to update. Before it worked perfectly fine.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #6

Try the Stacks Archive
Get an older version.

(Eelke van Hoof) #7

Thank you! i’'ll try that.

(Eelke van Hoof) #8

I downloaded an older version and installed it successfully. Still some third party stacks-plugins (are they called plugins?) are missing. A warning for everyone: watch out when trying the Settapp app and uninstalling it because it removes Rapidweaver content.

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