Upgraded to MacBook Pro Catalina

from Mac High Sierra. Using Rapidweaver version 6. When I opened Rapidweaver my project was not in Rapidweaver 6. I located the project field in Documents and clicked to open it.

I got this message: Unable to load all pages - Missing plugins: SiteMap Plus, Stacks. I clicked “OK”. (I don’t know where or what happened to these plugins)

Then I got a message telling me the Hive Theme is missing and that if I open, the Veerle theme will be applied. I really don’t want that to happen. Again, I don’t know why the Hive theme is missing.)

On my old Mac, Rapidweaver still opens and is intact. What is the best way to get to get it over to my new macBook.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Hi there @kwarmar ,

What I would suggest to do would be to go on your old Mac and open up Rapidweaver.

In your top bar on the Mac if you click “Rapidweaver 8” You will see an option in that list of “Reveal Addons Folder”

Within this folder in your finder window you should see a .rapidweaverplugin file which relates to the SiteMap Plugin - Copy this to a USB Stick. I would then copy the folder named “stacks” & “Themes” to the USB stick as well.

Plug this into your new Mac and simply double click the .rapidweaverplugin file to install the plugin on the new Mac and follow this with all the stacks and themes within the USB stick.

Once you have installed these simply quit rapidweaver and relaunch and you should have all your themes, plugins and stacks working once again :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I’ll give this a try tomorrow when I’ve recharged. It’s been a long day doing this upgrade/migration.

I’m running RW 6 (old and new - after migration) but was still able to find the files. We decided to upgrade to RW 8 on the new Macbook in hopes it afforded a smooth “conversion” of RW6 to RW 8 data files. We then followed your instructions. When most of the individual files in the Stacks folder were double-clicked, we received a message indicating that RW would have to close. We clicked “OK” each time and went through all the files/contents. Upon re-starting RW 8 and trying to open the RW 6 file (converted to RW 8), we are still seeing plugins missing (Pluskit, sitemap and stacks).

Not sure what might have happened

There really is no reason to “double-click” and reinstall every single add on.

  1. On the old computer, I’d make sure all the addons are up to date.
  2. Since you are able to find the old addons folder I’d copy that to the USB drive. Copy everything.
  3. One the new computer locates the addons folder and copy everything from the old computer’s addons folder to the new addons folder.
  4. when RapidWeaver starts again you should have all the addons.


Since you are running Catalina, some of the [older plugins may not work you should get a warning message about the plugins not being notarized… All the ones you have mentioned (Pluskit, sitemap, and stacks) all have versions that will work with Catalina.

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