Missing Resources - An ever lasting bug since years

I am using RW since many years. Every time after having upgraded to a new version of RapidWeaver I was told that there are many resources missing. Because I am building several websites for me as a composer, as well as for 4 websites of universities, I have to take care of about 600 pages. That means: I have to repair after upgrade hundreds of links. Well, in RapidWeaver 8 there is the possibility to use the “scan folder”-function. But the problem is first of all, that RapidWeaver - since years - announces a “missing” where no “missing” is. Second: If you are using the “Scan Folder”-button, RapidWeaver is unable to search subfolders. So today I decided to ask a friend, who is a professional software developer for one of the most famous scientific software companies in the world, to help me to analyze the problem and to install RapidWeaver 8. The result was, that I deleted RW 8 and went back to 7. 7. It is not better, but I can use it without getting the “resources-missing”-issue. My friend’s diagnosis: 1. “Search-Folder”-function is not able to search all the subfolders. 2. RapidWeaver-Popup about “missing resources” is stupid, because the resources are there. Final result: The issue results from a pretty poor software-programming with bugs, that exist since many years in RW. My suggestion: Do not buy RapidWeaver as an Upgrade, because it does not professionally take care of your previous projects. All in all, the whole process of integrating resources into RW is extremely complicated, much more complicated than it could be. It is not Mac-style at all. It is not "Real"mac, but "Fake"mac. Sorry for be so clear.

Hi @pentheus, sorry to hear about your problems. I’m using RW since version 5. Did all the upgrades and never came across the problems you mention.

Do you use the function ‘Site resources - copy into document’?

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 16.25.38

It uses more disk space, but as said, I never had issues like you have.

Regarding the missing resources … it has been suggested in previous threads to 1) use the “Copy into Document” option in Site resources, and 2) open the .plist file to find the path to the missing resources.

My website has 62917 lines of code, and since I don’t know what resources are even missing, doing a search of that many lines is not going to work.

How can I see what resources are missing. If only there was a way to stretch out the field in the dialog box so it reveals the entire line, or at least the name of the missing resource. This website was working properly yesterday and I saved and quit … Time Machine had everything backed up, so I went to yesterday before I modified this project, but that version still shows resources are missing. What can I do?

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