Relinking missing resources enhancement and bug

I have an enhancement @dan first, which is that when you have nested folders you can expand the file manager to locate the file you are looking for (see picture) when trying to relinking resources!

Second, the Scan folder option doesn’t seem to do anything?


Has anyone found an answer to this? Sent email asking and got no response.

I upgraded from 7 to 8 and now EVERY resource is unlinked in EVERY project. Also, the relinking features do not work at all; the scan and relink buttons, even the remove button, do not respond correctly. Selecting remove, removes other items, not the one selected. Selecting Scan merely opens a window and does not allow selection nor does it initiate a scan. Opening relink allows the election of a file, but it does not select it. Was this even beta tested?

According to what I have found online in the forum, resources are somehow relinked individually and manually. I would hope an automated solution for scanning and updating links for ALL resources is hidden somewhere in the program; as a software developer, I know this is simple code. I have 724 resources in 4 projects to relink; a waste of time if done manually. It appears the update was sent out without much beta testing or concern for customers.

RealMac, understand, I purchased a product expecting quality. It is disappointing that this release was not up to speed. I hope this is not an indication the product can no longer be trusted for serious work.

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I received an email from support this morning and responded; will update later, hopefully they will supply a solution.

[Version 8.1.6 (20662) provides solution.

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