Missing Resources not showing in missing resources window RW 8.4

When I upgraded RW to 8.1.7 I had hundreds of missing resources. I paid the price and relinked all of them. As part of the Catalina beta, I noticed my resources disappeared again but this time the missing resources dialogue box is empty and doesn’t show missing resources.

Anybody have an idea how I can force RW to scan for missing resources again then use the dialogue box to relink?

I remember having this problem a while back, IIRC I right clicked and selected 'Show in Finder" - it then found them and I could re-link.

Thanks for that suggestion on right clicking them trying “Reveal in Finder”. When I try that nothing happens. No finder window shows up. It acts like a dead button.

I haven’t heard anything back on this question. Can those who are RapidWeaer gurus help me on this one? If not the RW gurus, maybe a RW programmer.

You might want to contact the support of Realmac for this directly. In addition, I tag @tpbradley to see if he knows more.

Jan - Thanks for your help on this. @tpbradley do you have any idea how to get RW to rescan for missing resources so I can relink them? I appreciate your wisdom.

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