?Missing Stack or something wrong

(Alison Barnes) #1

I haven’t updated my website for a while and just came back to find it claiming “This stack is not currently installed”.
Please assume it IS possible I have reinstalled since last editing, and it IS possible it is a stack that was edited on another machine, although I don’t think either actually apply.
Anyway, for now I am trying to figure out what stack is missing and just try reinstalling.
The page in question is http://www.shotgatebaptist.co.uk/gallery/
I am uploading a screen shot of the page in RW - it looks like I am missing a lightbox stack, and the info would suggest it is a Joe Workman one? - I have tried reinstalling both his Expose and his ‘Image Gallery’ stacks… maybe he has another?


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

The Styled Stack is an old stack that got made into Jack.

(system) #3

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