This stack is not installed

I got myself a new Mac and transferred everuting smoothly except for one thing: on my website, one stack is now not installed, but I cannot find out which one as it does not say. on the published site (that was before the transfer) everything is ok, I tried to look at the source code to find which stack is now missinhg, no luck
Anybody able to help?


Maybe try introspector?

It might be able to tell you which stacks were used on the published page, provided you haven’t blocked the metadata.

You don’t get a “missing stack” error msg when you open your project file in RW?

No message when I open the file simply on the stack missing it just says “this stack is not currently installed, you need to reinstall this stack” which is fine, I just would like to know wich one it is

this look interesting, I will look into it as soon as I am back home

Many thanks


Can you grab a screenshot of the page in Edit mode?

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