Stack is missing - don´t know which one... :(

(mr. g.) #1

I have a site online here: with the logo centered on top.
I wanted to make some changes to the project and noticed that within RW the logo isn´t centered any more.
when I inspect the partial containing the image stack with the logo I notice that the image stack is named “template”. that means the stack is missing, right?
how can I find out, which stack is missing?

(Graham Jackson) #2

Just wondering if there’s a clue in the stack inspector. Just click on the ‘template’ like you have it showing above and see if there’s a clue in the inspector. Maybe a screenshot of the inspector panel will enable others to identify it for you @papart

(mr. g.) #3

(mr. g.) #4

since the online version is working as supposed the experts here may get some information by inspecting the element in the browser. I couldn´t.
I guess the stack that is missing must be a simple image stack…
but before I try out another image stack I would like to investigate where the original stack has gone (maybe additional stacks „disappeared" :open_mouth:

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #5

The developer of that stack does not have the name of the stack in the code (at least not that I can find), but there is a list of stacks in the code, it could be one of these

Although if they name their stack there, it is usually named in where the stack gets put.

(mr. g.) #6

it´s definitely none of these stacks. but thanks for taking a look! I will relunach the website sooner or later using foundry or foundation - so I hope the current online version will last until then.