Modify Sidebar Navigation Stack Needed

Is there a stack designed to keep the sidebar navigation submenus open after they are clicked, and open until some other higher up item in the navigation is clicked? Look at my site please. Click on past meetings in the sidebar, then click 2106, the submenu closes, I want it to stay open until someone clicks on say Topic Ideas.

This is a theme specific issue, I do not believe that there are any stacks that would help you with the navigation of a theme. Sorry.

I’ve been looking for a similar feature as well (see this post and this post). The RW themes that feature vertical sidebar navigation have limited options in this regard. The various frameworks (Foundation, Pure, Responsive FreeStacks, and Bootsnap) may offer a few more options but sidebar navigation options overall seem under developed. It is possible that one of the menu stacks (i.e., my menu by Nimblest or defligra’s SidePanel CSS Stack) may offer this functionality but I don’t have these stack so I can’t say for certain. If you find a solution please post back.