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(Dave Bussey) #21

Last email Neil, then I’m giving up. Sadly I’m getting no response from @Doobox so probably lost the £8.99. I have now created a new test site with my brother who knows a little about this stuff but it’s still not working. He says from what he can see and a little understanding of code, if it’s collecting information it’s certainly not writing the file to display it. My version of the stack is Version 1.0.4. Is that the same as yours. Perhaps the later version has an issue. Thanks for all your time


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #22

As far as I know, this Stack uses PHP for writing to a file.

Make sure your hosting plan supports PHP. If it does, checking the php error log might help.

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

(Doobox Software) #23

Sorry if your support request was overlooked.
As Jannis says, the issue is most likely a PHP one. But if you’d like to provide a url to an example page that is collecting data, and the admin page I can take a look and see if there is anything obvious in the console.

(Dave Bussey) #24

Thank you

The password is 1234 if you need it


(Doobox Software) #25

There’s nothing going wrong on the client side I can see, so it’s certainly something going wrong on the PHP (server) side.

I am unable to see anything related to that without FTP access to the server.

Are you sure your server is running PHP?

Send details to support@ doobox .co .uk if you’d like me to check out server side.

(Dave Bussey) #26

My brother who runs the family server would be happy to talk to you. How would you like to proceed

(Doobox Software) #27

This looks like the issue. I wasn’t aware you were deploying to your own server, as opposed to a hosting plan. The server manager just needs to look at the PHP error logs to see what is misconfigured in apache. If php is even enabled.

(Dave Bussey) #28

Thank you

(Dave Bussey) #29

Thank you for anyone that offered help. I have now forwarded the error log to @doobox to see what they can suggest.

(MRO) #30

@DaveBussey @Doobox can you let us know if you got it to work?

(Dave Bussey) #31

I have given up on it. I am dissapointed to find how difficult it is to get help from #doobox. I have sent them the PHP error log which they wanted to look at but heard nothing. Nearly bought their complete bundle before all this so perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise. I’m sure they are good at most things they do.

(MRO) #32

…let’s be patient… there was a lot going on with these sales etc. in the last few days and maybe (hopefully) it’s getting sorted out. And you never know if there’s maybe a personal issue involved that delays things a bit…?
I’m sure we’ll get an answer :+1:t4:
Otherwise, I recommend all the other Doobox Stacks and encourage you to go ahead and check them out.

(Doobox Software) #33

I didn’t ask to see an error log, I said your server manager should look at the error log. However, I have looked at the error log, and it’s full of permissions errors. As you are running a self hosted server. Your server manager should be able to easily address the issues from that log. There isn’t anything to address in the Stats stacks code.
Many, many people run Stats stack, and no one else has ever reported an issue, other than a rare few that were unaware their servers were not running PHP

(Dave Bussey) #34

thank you for responding

(Doobox Software) #35

I’m no server guy, and wouldn’t dream of hosting my own, but this may help you out:

Directories must have execute permissions to be usable. Usually this is 0755 . PHP scripts run via mod_php are not executed but rather read; 0644 will suffice for this. Directories that must be written to need to be owned by the user the web server is running as. There may be additional concerns regarding permissions, e.g. SELinux, but the above will get you through the basics.

Documents that must not be accessed by other users or external clients should be 0600 , owned by the web server user, and located outside the DocumentRoot. Note that running mod_php in Safe Mode will prevent scripts from ever including anything outside the DocumentRoot; a lamentable flaw.

(harrison8) #36

There have some good website traffic analysis tools like- webmaster, semrush, google analytics, similarweb.

(MRO) #37

@Doobox That permissions thing doesn’t solve my problem…

My Home pages are getting recorded (the first/top one) but the sub/other pages aren’t. I tried this on different Hosting Servers where the pages are hosted and PHP is 7.x and above and working…Strange…

(Dave Bussey) #38

Thank you

(Doobox Software) #39

That fact your homepage works shows your running PHP.
I’m not sure of anything else though.

“I tried this on different Hosting Servers where the pages are hosted”
All pages, recording and admin, must be in the same domain on the same server!

Custom htaccess files could play a part in confusing the stacks php.
Do you have a custom htaccess file?

Also be aware that every recording stack has it’s own php file in the files directory belonging to the page, so you’d need to check permissions on all the php files and parent directories. Pay particular attention to the parent directories:
" Directories must have execute permissions to be usable. Usually this is 0755"

Every php file belonging to a failing stack should have a php error log automatically generated in the same directory as the php file shedding light on the issue. If it hasn’t it’s another sign of a permissions issue on that directory.

Note to everyone else…
Unless your hosting your own server or running a naff cheap / free package you don’t every have to know about or worry about any of this permission, or htaccess stuff. Decent web hosts just take care of all this without any input from you.

(MRO) #40

On a side note:

What I had to do is rename the Browser titles individually…now it works :+1: