More trouble with Publishing in RW7

Publishing in RW7 Is a bit erratic. Now I am getting this contradiction. One prompt says it is complete another saying it is still exporting and just locks in that position. Sometime the upload is complete sometimes not. How can I make this act right? Or is the way it is supposed to act?

The exporting ‘DiggsWords’ hang is a bug in RW7. If you are in Edit mode on publishing it doesn’t appear.
I suggest this arises as RW induces an autosave when publishing is complete which takes a while on larger sites and makes the final exporting pane hang.
You can safely press cancel because the exporting has in fact completed.

@dan has big ideas for 7.1 that will supposedly help the opening and saving of large projects.
This will either be a new lease of life for large projects or a disaster. The current method that saves the file before exporting and then again after publishing makes sense to avoid any losses if things go wrong in the publish process, but seems counter-intuitive when the second saving process takes up to 30 seconds even though the only change is marking the act of publishing.