RW6 hangs on publishing

I migrated a RW5 site to RW64.
Cleaned up the site then clicked publish.
I guess RW needed to publish the entire site as it is trying to upload 4500 files.
The first attempt hung at 350 files. The second at about 1200 files.
The third at 168 files published. Each time I hit cancel and started over.
The fourth try went all the way to 3317 of 3922 before it quit.
Fifth attempt published 713 of the remaining 1280 files.
Consolidate CSS is unchecked because it never worked with my theme.
Thank you.

I had a similar issue when I updated a site that was built in RW6 then subsequently rebuilt in RW7. I solved my problem by exporting to local file and then cleaning out my domain and uploading the re-build via Transmit. After that I had no issues publishing via the in-app FTP.

I similarly had a number of problems publishing when first using RW7 but it seems to have cleared itself with use.

Try and get a full publish done either via an ftp app like @Slavi or reduce the number of concurrent file uploads in RW7 to a minimum (maybe 2 at a time) and see if you can achieve a full publish.

I can’t explain why publishing should improve with use but there’s definitely something there.

It seems the steps I must follow are, click publish, then wait for it to hang.
Then cancel, save and publish again.
Do this over and over until all files are published.
The fewer the files the fewer the repetitions.

This is still happening.
Does not make a difference if it’s a 6 file change or 1200 files.

This is still happening. 7 publishing starts for 1300 files.
Every attempt publishes a few file until it finally finishes.

So… for unrelated reasons I transferred my OS to a much newer Mac and moved it 600 miles to a different city.
Same publishing problem. Then, also for unrelated reasons, my hosting company moved my site to a new server.
Now publishing does not hang and is quite fast.


It might help others experiencing publishing problems to know the name of your hosting company.

Hosted by Globalhost.

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