Most bizarre message ever when publishing

I have a RW5 site that has never given me an issue in years. Now, I am unable to publish it because of some “invalid filename” is too long. The filename references a document or URL that is NOT in my site (never heard of it, it has nothing to do with this site’s content). Well, how do I remove a too long document or link that doesn’t exist? Please see the image for the error message.

After several years with no issue, I can only publish this site by exporting and using other FTP software.

The site is if it helps.



Edited to add link to image (sorry, I assumed I could upload an image):


At which page in the publishing process (or at least, during the publish of which directory) do you get the error?

I think you’ll need to try and track down which page is causing the error to appear.

Perhaps you’ve moved to a later version of RW 5 (may I respectfully suggest preparing for RW 7 (even via RW 6) at this point, BTW?) which no longer tolerates such filenames.

It looks as though there may be a Java(Script) or Ajax library (or call) on the page in question which has components that (this version of?) RW 5 does not like.

Any further details - essentially your RW Themes and add-ons and/for the page in question ought to be able to help us to troubleshoot :slight_smile: Good luck!



This is indicating you have a filename link that includes comma’s and spaces

As it is a URL, it could be any of your scripts calling this url, it could be you inaccurately added a link to some scripts you are using or as an external link to a resource you are referencing in the site…

So, export your site locally and check all folders for this file, then you know the page it is associated to, then in RapidWeaver check that page for an inaccurate link…


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Brad and Mark -

Thanks for your suggestions. They were helpful but there are still issues.

Mark, I hear what you are saying about RW6 and 7. I have been around since RW 3.6 but I have been very slow to embrace RW6. It is still buggy for me:

  1. every time there is an upgrade, I have to install it manually. Otherwise it “relaunches” and disappears.
  2. The little dot that tells you to save your work NEVER appears. I have to remind myself to save often. If I happen to close without saving, I am NOT prompted to save my work, it is just gone.
  3. Too many freezes and Force Quits.

But back to this site -

Brad, I did as you suggested and searched every folder for these bizarre URLs. And lo, I came across an entire folder within Resources that contains what is (I think) my Firefox bookmarks from several years ago.

So I deleted the folder from Resources - and yet I am still getting these error messages when I try to Export or Publish. I saved the project with a different name and this folder is clearly gone but it still tries to export it.

I guess now my issue is that even though this folder is no longer in Resources, the site is still trying to export/publish it - and failing.

So there are times when I cannot even export, let alone publish. All because of a folder that is not even in the site anymore!

It is RW 5.4.1. The theme is Arrange, an old theme from Henk V. I believe it is no longer supported.

Any further suggestions would be appreciated!


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Never mind! I found a few other resources had morphed into other documents - for example a PDF named MoonCycles2009.pdf was actually another bizarre URL. I can’t imagine how this happened - but I removed 4 more Resources and now things are behaving nicely.

Thank you both for your generous assistance.


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Glad you got this fixed; well done!

I wonder whether it would pay you to take a quick look at the way your Mac seems to be operating in general. Some of the phenomena (damned annoying, to be sure) you describe are definitely not normal, nor acceptable. Could there be some other underlying performance issue, perhaps?

Good luck!


Mark - I hope not. Generally my Mac behaves pretty well except for RW6!