URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL, and Operation was aborted by an application callback


I am receiving these two error messages when publishing, on seemingly random pages:

URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL

Operation was aborted by an application callback

The affected pages change and vary in number each time I publish, and re-publishing does not clear them. When I look at the published pages they seem to have updated normally at least in terms of their visible content despite the error message but the pages remained marked as Unchanged in RW.

I am using RW version Version 7.4.1 (18708)

I have not added any new plugins or such but did recently have to reinstall RW and supporting files due to a hard drive crash.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! A few other old posts did not seem to quite address my situation.


I’m also experiencing this same problem.

I am experiencing the same problem with RW8. I even tried the RW8.1 beta, and the same problem, with the same results as you are seeing, except that sometimes I am seeing a photo on one of the effected pages that did not upload.

It should also be noted that a check of the Publishing settings reports that everything is correct with the connection.

Are you sure that having ftp in the url twice is correct?

It’s telling you there’s something wrong with the URL, not with RW8.

Seems like you have a space after the .com, could cause problems when evaluating the input of the URL-field.