Mountains - problem with contact form


I have a problem with the contact form in Mountains theme rw8. No message is send to me after I click the ‘send’ button. What is wrong? I filled in the contact form settings and customizable text and put the right fields in place (from name and from e-mail). In the field send to I put in a working e-mail address where the form should be send to. I do not understand why no mail is being send to my e-mail address (also nothing is the spam box)! IMG_6764|375x500 … anyone an idea? I also checked both boxes under Advanced: to see if that might help, but unfortunately no…


Hi Caroline,
I do not work with the Mountan theme but with other forms (eg Formloom) where you have to do a lot more settings.
In my opinion you should uncheck the two boxes you checked under advanced in the settings (screenshot you posted).
It is quite unlikely that you are working on a windows server and the other option also can cause trouble if not everything is set ok on the serverside. Then republish and try to send an email or let someone fill out the form to check if it is working now.

Thank you Tom. I already did that, but that did not work either…

I don’t think the theme will have anything to do with the contact form working or not. Contact forms require you to be able to send mail from your server.

Who are you hosting with?

Have you checked the PHP log files?

You are probably getting an error; the log file locations will vary from host to host. The error message will might look funny to you put if you could post a screenshot of them, It might be helpful.

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