Migrating a blog to Pulse CMS

I know some people are concerned over Tumblr … so now we have a blog importer to help you migrate your blog from wordpress, tumblr, blogger, rapidweaver or any platform, and start using Pulse.

Especially useful if you are moving a client over to a CMS or want to move your own site.


This is wrapped in Pulse 4.6 and free update to any RapidWeaver users currently using Pulse 4.x and above :slight_smile:

To get it, email will be sent out in a couple hours (if not already) or download from within Pulse 4.5.2.

More info on the version history etc here:



Thanks @SteveB

Pulse is a separate CMS system - stand alone from RapidWeaver - that you can use to build websites and give clients access to them. It has over 4,000 deployments and been around since 2009.

@instacks has made some free stacks that integrates your Pulse site with RapidWeaver projects so you can use the framework, Stacks or themes that you currently love using in RapidWeaver. More on the Stacks: ⚡ Pulse CMS Integration for RapidWeaver ⚡

The latest Pulse update allows you to migrate a blog from another system into Pulse.

There’s no database needed so it’s easy and quick to setup.

Things I’d recommend:

The Stacks are free, whereas Pulse itself is not. It’s $39 per domain (per site) which is reasonable considering you can charge a client for what you’ve made and do a great job.

Hope that helps!


His one and only @yuzool Michael


To put what does PulseCMS offer another way in RW terms:

  1. A Blog to which you can add anything - normal stuff these days
  2. A CMS Gallery
  3. A CMS Slider
  4. CMS Images anywhere on a site
  5. CMS paragraph text anywhere on a site
  6. An editable contact form
  7. A newsletter sign up
  8. Auto backup
  9. Stats page
  10. A drop box stack to allow download of all files in a folder
  11. File upload facility.
  12. Photographers optional photo upload facility that doesn’t change the image size or quality
  13. Draft mode in the Blog

In addition there is a Mac, IOS, WinPhone & Android App
And now it can import Tumblr as well as RW Blogs.

Relative to other systems, very easy & quick to setup using a text editor to alter a few things like what folder to point to.
Free RW Pulse stacks available

Ans. yes there’s more, a growing 3rd party add ons community to do extra stuff such as eCommerce, Carousels or https://addons.pulsecms.com/p/flcr1


Hey Michael @yuzool the first link doesn’t work i’d like to have a read.

Which link exactly?..

This one


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Try this: Pulse Starter - the essential starter package for Pulse CMS


Is it possible to embed youtube videos anywhere on a site, or only in the Pulse blog?

Sure anywhere… :clapper::smiley:


Thanks Jannis - that’s great to know for an upcoming project.


Thanks @webdeer - nice run through there! :+1::zap:

I just had to say that Pulse CMS is really fabulous and works great with RapidWeaver. Michael @yuzool is doing such a great job even including iOS / WinPhone / Android apps to the package, I mean, wow!

Oh and it’s pretty affordable too :slight_smile: