Moving Rapidweaver 5 to an old Mac

I’m in the process of upgrading all of my web sites from Rapidweaver 5 to Rapidweaver 8, which has been quite the adventure. I have an old Mac running Sierra that I use as a media server, and I’d like to keep a fully functional copy of Rapidweaver 5 on it, in case I ever need to do anything with the old versions of the sites that I’m upgrading. I’ve downloaded Rapidweaver 5 onto it, and I even managed to find my Rapidweaver 5 license from 2009. But then I realized that I need to put copies of all the themes and plugins and such that I have used in all of those sites. Is there an easy way to do this? Where do the Rapidweaver themes and plugins live, for starters? I can’t seem to find them. Would I need to reinstall each one and find the licenses for each, or is there a way to copy them onto a USB drive and just copy them over to the old Mac? Any help would be gratefully consumed and appreciated. Thanks!

Have a look at these kb articles.

Once you find the old addons folder just copy it over to the other Mac.

First you can have a copy of RW5 and RW8 alongside each other on the same mac. They use diffferent folders for themes, plug-ins and stacks. That means that you have to install al your plugins, themes and stacks twice. If you have both versions already installed you can find these folders by clicking with the right mouse knob (or holding CTRL + mouse) on a theme within the app. You will see an menu. Click on “Show in Finder”. This brings you to the inner folders of the theme. Next click, while holding the CMD-key, on the top bar title of this folder and go up to “Application Support”. This is the folder where your RW-app stores all its info. The “Application Support”-folders of RW5 and RW8 have different locations.

You can install themes, plugins and stacks on the other mac by moving them with an usb-stick from one to the other. Best install them by double click on the file and let RW5 put them to the right folder. You have to re-use all your original serial-numbers for plugins. Hope you have kept them somewhere in a safe place (database or worksheet or textdocument).

greetings dirk

Thanks, I seem to have migrated everything successfully. Yes, I do know, of course, that I can run different versions of Rapidweaver on the same machine. However, since Rapidweaver 5 won’t run on Catalina, and since I’d like to upgrade to that operating system eventually, I’m trying to tidy things up on my end. Thanks for all your help!

hi Heather, you can also take a look at virtualbox. i run a snow leopard
virtual machine with software not compatible with h
yosemite and higher on a mac with high sierra.

greeting dirk

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