Moving RW from old machine OS 10-9-5 to new machine High Sierra

I have a new mac coming in next week that will replace my current laptop were I do my web development. I’m making a clean start on the new machine, installing all the apps from scratch, and want to end up with RW 7 and current stacks and add ons. I have maybe 20-30 projects, most of which are small and a few add ons and stacks. I could muddle my way through it, but I thought I’d check in here for tips first.

I don’t want to make any changes to the current laptop (or minimize them) if posible. Its running RW 6.4 and OS 10.9.5 (I also have stacks 2.8.something which I think will need update). I’ve read the FAQ about updating rw6 to rw7.

For example, is it smoother to update from rw6.4 to rw7 on my current machine, let it copy everything over from rw6, and then migrate to the new machine. Or smoother to migrate rw6 over and then upgrade from the new machine… or does it not make a difference?

Hoping to avoid land mines here :slight_smile:


This is a topic that has been discussed many times. Please, search this forum for “new computer”…

Sorry, I searched for several different terms, but “new computer” was not one of them :frowning:

I’m not thinking it makes a big difference waiting to upgrade to RW7 or to upgrade before I move on.

BTW, searching for “new mac” seems to yield more results but not exactly what I was looking for.

If anyone lands here, this is a good thread: Best way to migrate RW to new Mac

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